Fisherfarms has carefully developed a process of making the freshest fish into premium cut delis which are full in mouth-watering flavors yet retaining every healthy nutrition one gets from fish. The Everyday Deli line will be a delight to everyone, Excellent flavors you’ll sure to love without the fishy                                                                                                      NOW MORE
Fisherfarms is the Leading aquaculture processor in the Philippines. With industry leading standards and state-of- the-art facilities that produces export quality products, we bring to your table the pleasure of having the best tasting processed fish products...   KNOW MORE
Pick-me-up Fish Bacons
Ingredients: Everyday Fish Bacon, Fresh Green Olives, Melon cubes, Basil leaves...                                           KNOW MORE
Fisherfarms’ Value-Added Line is brings to the family dinner table the freshest fishcuts that are flavored and seasoned to cater to the preference of everybody. Packed and ready to cook and absolutely 100% healthy and flavorful...                                      KNOW MORE