Fish is naturally good, but with Everyday - a line of fish based products that take familiar favorites like hotdogs, bacon and cold cuts to a healthier level - we make it even better. That's because we want Everybody to eat more fish and reduce health problems without compromising flavor.

Every offers different fish products that give you a wide variety of options such as hotdogs, frankfurters, ham, sausage, bacon and longaniza that make it more familiar and accessible to the palate. Now you can say goodbye to health risks and say hello to a healthier way of living.
Making the healthy choice for your family is now easier with Everyday Fish-Deli line.
Made from 100% fresh fish meat that's rich in Omega 3 and DHA, Everyday is flavored
and prepared to perfection to provide the nutrition your family needs in every bite.
No fishy taste, No MSG, No Gluten, Low Sodium