With an industry leading fish produce
and state of the art facilities, Fisher
Farms has produced a line of value
added products that aims to bring
into the family dinner table the
freshest fish cuts that are ready to
cook, flavored to perfection and
absolutely 100% healthy.

At Fisher Farms, we use only milkfish
grown in deep-sea cages to guarantee
their excellent taste and prepared and
seasoned to meet various nutritional
and cooking requirements. They come
in ready-to-cook packs for total
absolute convenience.
IQF is a process of freezing products
in their best state maintaining the
highest prossible freshness. Fisher
Farms is the 1st to use this techno-
logy in the Philippines so that we
can provide our clients the freshest
and best quality fish products.
Fish in the daily diet promotes good health. Fish is a high source of protein with low fat and low choloesterol. It is rich in Vitamin A and Vitamin D with contributions of Iodine, Potassium, Iron and Calcium. A great healthy alternative for meat that one can serve for the family meal.
Omega 3 and DHA which we get from fish is said to be the "miracle food ot he 21st century". It prevents heart diseases and maintains optimum blood presure and colesterol levels thus making it a standart for people caring for their health, cholesterol level watchers and the health concious.