The highly prestigious International Taste and Quality Institute in Belgium awarded the Superior Taste Award 2012 to Fisher Farms, the first ever Filipino food company to receive such high honors from an international organization of chefs and sommeliers around the world.
“We are honored to be the first Filipino food company to receive this distinction,” says Imelda Madarang, CEO of Fisher Farms. “We hope this award highlights Filipinos’ ability to create innovative world-class products out of our indigenous agricultural and aquatic resources.”

Made from 100% fish meat, Fisher Farms All-Natural Fish Frankfurter got the nod of judges from 13 of the most prestigious European culinary and sommelier associations. It is the first of its kind in the world and does not have artificial preservatives and chemical ingredients. It also meets US FDA standards of “healthy” levels of fats, sodium, and cholesterol. Best of all, the All-Natural Fish Frankfurter mimics the meaty, spicy taste of beef frankfurters and does not have any trace of fishiness whatsoever.

Fisher Farms Incorporated is the largest aquaculture processor in the Philippines. The company exports fish products to the United States, Canada, the Middle East, and Europe. It has established strong business ties with large quick service restaurant chains in the Philippines and created a wide range of innovative and export-quality fish products such as fish sausages, cold cuts, and microwaveable meals.